Private consultations are based on Ayurveda, considered the oldest healing system in the planet. The word Ayurveda means “Life’s Knowledge”. Ayur means Life and Veda means Knowledge.

When we do private consultations we evaluate your body/mind constitution and the actual state of them, through an Ayurvedic perspective.

Please, prior our consultation, fill these two attached forms (PDF files) called Prakruti and Vikruti.

Through the understanding of your Prakruti we will know your Body and Mind constitution.
Through the understanding of your Vikruti we will understand the actual state of these constitutions or metabolic principles, called Doshas.

Doshas are metabolic principles that represent the three great cosmic forces which according to Ayurveda have created the universe.

Energy (Prana in Sanskrit),

Light (Jyoti)

Cohesion or Love (Prema).

Health Ofice


Neuropsychological research in the last 40 years have shown that Wellness particularly healthy brain development is decisive to realizing individual full potential. Performance, behavior, social interaction, mental clarity, choice and decision making are enhanced if body and mind are healthy.

If you are the owner, CEO, VP Sales or HR of a business you know how important it is to preserve and support your work force health and wellness.

At MYA we provide “A la carte” events at your workplace. Design the class, lecture or workshop you want for your business, group, community, school, employees, etc.

Yoga, Health and wellness, Stress Management, Non- Violent communication, Breathing and relaxation techniques are available as also mindfulness and meditation.

Please call us and we will arrange a meeting with you to discuss different options to suit your needs. or 310 729-4631


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