This meditation program is based on the evolution of the human brain, reptilian brain (physical cortex), limbic brain (emotional cortex) and neocortex brain (intellectual cortex). Through this program you will not only understand meditation but also heal the different areas of your existence, your physical side, your emotional side and your intellectual side. You will learn to develop these five different techniques (The Five Doors) related to your breathing, body, heart, mind and soul achieving inner peace and greater awareness. Initially, you will learn how to manage your vital energy (Prana) through breathing; you will also learn to relax and connect with your body through body awareness and healing emotionally through active heart meditations. Then, exploring mantra meditation you will be able to focus your mind and cope with stress, to finally get to connect with your soul or inner presence through soul meditation. As you explore ancient techniques rooted in the Vedic tradition of India, you will receive a personal mantra (Primordial Sound) based on the vibration of the Universe at the time and place of your birth.

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