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Ready to enjoy your day?

Ready to enjoy your day?


I was walking out from my apartment last Sat, around 7:45 in the morning.
I was caught in my thoughts about a full day working, with many Yoga classes until evening as this is my regular schedule every Saturday.
Then as I took the elevator, it stopped in the second floor and two ladies walked in. I was holding my cup of tea in my hand and a few seconds later, after the formal “good morning” one of the ladies looking at me said: “ready to enjoy your day?”. As an answer to this nice question, I began talking about how busy I am and how busy my day would be. My mine was definitely in “BUSSYNESS” mode. They left to the park in front of the building and I ran into the garage to my car. And because the look on their faces after my explanations about my busy life, I thought to myself, ….am I ready to enjoy my day?
I was not obviously, as the answer to that simple beautiful question were words spilling my daily agenda. I was missing my day. How many times then I thought, I am missing my days upon this inner mental mechanism.
Are you ready to enjoy your day?
Great reminder to change our intellectual attitude toward our days as we get caught on our thoughts!
From now own, as you are crossing the door to show up to life every day, ask yourself: “Am I ready to enjoy my day?
Hope it helps!!!!

In this issues we are exploring Detachment through two new audios in English and Spanish.
Detachment as the key tool to manifest our intentions and desires.
We are also inviting you to attend a New Class every Friday at 4:15. One Hour Flow at YOGALOFT in Woodland Hills.
If you attend, then you can stayed at the meditation class after, for free.
Finally in this issue, Debbie Wacks through her joyful “Cultural Corner” bring us light and love as usual.

Viva la Vida!!!