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Acceptance is the recognition of a process that is usually negative or that brings discomfort, but without the intent to change it. ‘Acquiēscere’ a Latin word that means “To Find Rest In” comes from our English word Acquiescence, a synonym of Acceptance.

To find rest within is the quintessence of Acceptance.

When we accept we find inner peace, the necessary peace to gain wisdom and connect with the Universe’s subtle vibration to move on.

The secret of acceptance is understanding resistance. My beloved teacher David Ji used to say “Resist Nothing”. So what can be done in order to live a life of action without resistance?

Acceptance is usually misunderstood in our society. It’s considered weakness, as we still live in a confrontational civilization. But what we accept is “what is”, because “what is” cannot be altered. Think about the amount of friction that we apply in our everyday inner life, and our everyday inner thinking because we don’t accept what is happening. And through that inner confrontation what we have missed is the perennial message latent in the here and now. The only option we have of moving forward is through acceptance, otherwise we become stuck in our inner confrontation.

Every time that we resist a situation, mentally or emotionally, we create tension. This tension is the result of our habit of confronting what we are facing instead of accepting it as it is. This confrontational inner behavior is stored in our mind by repetition, then our intellect creates conditioned thinking.   This is mainly coming from the layer of our subtle body that we usually call the ego. When we resist, we are defending the importance of this ego.


«Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.
When the soul lies down on that grass, the world is too full to talk about».