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Affirmations and goals for this 2016

It was a pleasure and an inspiration to be in contact with you through our NEWS during 2015.
We went through many different aspects of Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda and in doing so we have bettered ourselves.

It is amazing for me to see how we all grow and connect at every e-mail, at every call, at every class, at every workshop. How we all, bringing our open heart, share and enjoy this sacred wisdom of Yoga.

The affirmations and intentions we will work toward during 2016 will be:

  • •  Joyful and Energetic Body
  • •  Reflective and Alert Mind
  • •  Loving and Compassionate Heart
  • •  Distinction in between Intellect and Witness

Close your eyes before each meditation at home and release these intention into the fertile soil of your heart. Then surrender to the universe for it to work the details.
Remember that through the power of intention and the wisdom of detachment, we can bring magic into our lives.

Remember also our four goals:

  • •  To commit daily with our inner work
  • •  To live a life of purpose full of love
  • •  To have magical days, today and ever
  • •  To evolve building the best expression of our being in this lifetime

Let’s keep bringing more and more yoga this upcoming year into our life, choosing healthy, thinking healthy and feeling healthy.

Viva la Vida!!!!

Diego Gesualdi