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My town looks different these days

It’s Tuesday, around 10:30 in the morning, I’m driving home and I see an elderly couple holding hands and walking along the sidewalk, just as the sun appeared a little among the clouds.  They probably wanted to take a break from the rain that has been amazing these days. I live in Los Angeles and I love it when it rains around here. It’s not typical. I also see a father holding his little one’s hand, walking the dog, both very well covered in winter clothes. They walk slowly and the dog seems to be happy. I see many runners, trying to keep up with healthy habits, to somehow offset this quarantine to which we are bound.  I see a long queue of people waiting around the corner to enter the market. Now we need to be more thoughtful about the common space we share. Cars run efficiently through the streets that are almost empty. Usually the streets of LA are more like parking lots full of cars, rather than a street.

What a paradox! My town looks different these days.

My love, Debbie Wacks, told me last week, that when an individual catches the flu it is the body’s way of showing that it needs to stop and rest. She is a Reiki healer, who studied and adheres to the notion that illnesses are messages to understand what needs to be rebalanced. Not just physically, but emotionally and intellectually. When we feel overwhelmed and exhausted, we need to give ourselves a break to get back to normal. This virus is forcing the world to slow down and rest. There’s a part of me that knows this is true, there’s a part of me that’s reluctant to accept, and wants more scientific data to prove it.

But anyway what a great metaphor, isn’t it? The planet stopped for a flu.

And there is this feeling within me, this burning urge to connect with you at this terrifying moment, to hold you with open arms and an open heart, to offer you wise and supportive words. To shake your hands and give you a deep hug, though we’re not supposed to do this at all.

I’m sorry, I don’t think I have wise words today. And it’s because I don’t think I have the right answer, I don’t think I have certainties these days. I heard through the media, this beautiful reading about the pandemic «what if…..?» The writing speaks of this situation, as something transformative to the world.

I also hear from the other side of the scope only catastrophe and panic.

I found myself in the market walking among empty shelves, very serious, hardly looking at the others, picking up some groceries that I need. And then I thought, what about my smile? Where did it go?

I’m a yogi, but even though I did it this morning, I don’t want to meditate today. And even though I did it this morning, I don’t want to practice yoga today. What I want is to be with you, to smile, to celebrate life, to hold hands, to enjoy our day, because it is clearer than ever that we are one. It is clearer than ever that we are connected through these threads, which form the fabric of life on our mother earth. I’m sorry, I don’t think I have wise words today.

Because I’m not sure what this is about. I don’t think I have any certainties today. But I can say that my city looks different these days. And I can also say that that elderly couple I saw walking holding hands love each other dearly, and that that child felt very protected by his dad holding his hand. And I can say that those runners I also saw in the morning, they certainly felt liberated when they returned home. And I can also say that there is this feeling within me, this imperious impulse to connect with you, right now and hold your hand. Oh yes, my town looks different these days.