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Hello beautiful Yoginis,

I hope you’re having a great spring start here in the northern hemisphere, and a fabulous summer end there in the southern hemisphere. Since I moved to CA twenty-three years ago, this concept of different seasons running at the same time became more real to me. 

And it is very interesting to be connected with so many people, from so many different areas of the planet at the same time, and to have the opportunity to share this feeling of unity, with completely different realities. Like a torrent of water falling through the mountain wall, I feel in my heart the activity of this planet. Here and now, people sleeping, working, loving, laughing, crying, writing, reading, walking, singing, hugging, kissing, resting. More than ever this idea of unity, it has become much more tangible in these times that are running, mainly thanks to the media and the internet. The world seems to be smaller and more intertwined, at our fingertips. I welcome these changes. Hopefully, they will slowly open our eyes and show us how important it has become, reaching out with an open heart to embrace and care for our human brother.

In this issue we have two audios to help address stress through our new series Petite Meditations.             We’re also going to start sharing some Asana photos (Yoga poses) to encourage you to develop your Yoga practice daily. And also Debbie through her CC is sharing a beautiful article about this great musician Neil Peart, who unfortunately passed away here in Los Angeles recently.                                                                       

I hope you enjoy our news. Keep meditating and smiling. Viva la Vida!!!

Diego Gesualdi