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In the path of evolution

In his book “Thus Spoke Zarathustra” Frederic Nietzsche in “The way of the creator” said “I love him who seeks to create beyond himself, and thus perishes”.

Everyone wants to be better and do better. It is intrinsic in our human nature to have this unbounded energy that in one way or another puts ourselves in this path of evolution. Because in the end, to be better and do better, is what creates evolution. When I look behind, I can see myself more evolved than my predecessors. When I look further (my kids) I can clearly see what evolution means.

From where this evolutionary energy comes from?

In Carlos Castaneda book “The Teachings of Don Juan” he states that the universe is predatorial, but not predatorial in the sense that we understand the term as stealing or injuring or exploiting, all done for our own benefit. Predatorial in the sense that the universe is pushing us to the maximum, to test awareness. This is what He called Intent. The universe’s intent is to become aware of itself.

This concept of the intending of the Universe is fascinating not just because of the deepness of the concept but because many different civilizations in this planet share the same concept to explain why we are here. Ayurveda explains the creation of the Universe and the five elements Space, Air, Fire, Water and Matter through the Intent of Purusha (consciousness) to become aware of itself.

When we meditate, when we make love, when we turn into a discussion, when we laugh, when we play, when we create, when we work, in the end we want to become aware of ourselves. This is our real Journey. Who we are and what’s the purpose of our life in this planet.

Keep Loving!!!

Diego Gesualdi