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Six areas to embrace during quarantine:

Episode I . Self-awareness

While consciousness is an attribute that human beings can boast about, in countless instances we nonetheless take actions very unconsciously.

We have lost perspective of our impact on others and, of course, on ourselves. Unknowingly, we’re constantly making decisions, simply out of habit. 

 We open our eyes in the morning and the action begins. We can hide ourselves in a corner, but still, someone’s going to knock on the door and ask: are you okay?

 The expansion of self-awareness is the ultimate goal of meditation.

That’s why I deeply recommend the practice of meditation on a daily basis.

 I recommend starting with simple exercises, like guided meditations that can help you understand how to approach this practice. 

Or just close your eyes for a while, and watch your mind fly away, toward other thoughts or distractions. Bring your mind back and connect with your breathing, connect with your body, connect with your heart. Doing this on a daily basis will help you better understand this beautiful discipline. 

 I have many available recordings that can guide you in this process.

This will eventually expand your consciousness, and in the meantime, will provide you with a comforting space in which to relax.                                        

In the next link you will find the audio for “The Five Doors,” a meditation program that I have created in both English and Spanish.

The Five Doors Meditation program