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Unconditional Love

Emotional Healing Series – Unconditional Love

One of the forces that keep this universe running is “Unconditional Love”. Our heart has been pumping twenty four hours per day, seven days per week, since before our memories were formed.  It does this without asking for anything in return, just as the sun keeps our galaxy alive through its own selfless radiating energy. All of this supreme intelligence works without any disruption, as everything seems to be dancing a perfect, harmonious ballet.

Now what does unconditional love mean? I heard once that unconditional love is “the understanding and acceptance of another’s process”, whatever it might be.

It is common to think of unconditional love as giving excessively, but in my exploration, I have come to believe that expressing unconditional love is about learning to give without emotional manipulation, without strategies, and then without asking for something in return.

Under this definition, unconditional love is more related to the willingness to accept what is coming, rather than an extreme giving process.

Grievance, resentment, anger or even violence rise up upon our inability to love, and upon our inability to understand and accept somebody’s process, especially when that process trespasses our vulnerability or sense of I.

These are questions that can help us to embrace unbounded love:


  • How can I be more loving?
  • How can I commit to love and compassion?
  • How can I commit to bringing love and compassion into my life?
  • How can I bring love and compassion to any encounter with any being on this planet?
  • How can I be more loving?


We all are leaves of the same tree. As a part of this cosmic tree we should take care of each other through loving, accepting and respecting each other. Some leaves may persist, some others may fall, but in the end we all are going to be part of the quantum soup that holds this tree that we call home.


Diego Gesualdi and Debbie Wacks