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How to create a greater wellbeing

Hello beautiful Yoginis,

For the first time in history, the whole world is quarantined. And honestly, I’m very intrigued about how we’re going to remember this moment.

For the first time in history, «social distance» and «staying at home» have been the tools chosen to preserve human life.

While almost all of us understand that quarantine is the correct response, we are not well prepared for this confinement. From the physiological, to the emotional, and the financial, most of us feel deprived in some way. This creates enormous inner anguish and a lot of anxiety as we sense an uncertain future.

In order to list actions we can take to prepare ourselves and those around us at this very moment, I would like to address quickly how depression and anxiety affect our mental behavior. Depression looks to the past, while anxiety focuses on the future.
Interestingly enough, this reflects the pendular movement of our mind; moving tirelessly from the past to the future, and from the future to the past.

We may “be” in the present moment, but not think about the present moment.

We’re constantly distracting ourselves by doing or thinking of other things that remove us from the present.  In quarantine, our minds are either thinking and building on a daunting future, or recalling memories of a better, but lost past.
In this constant fluctuation, we’ve forgotten what “to be” actually means. If we sit in the present moment and examine our cognitive processes – this will bring us back to “being,” which can definitely reduce the root of anxiety and depression.  These actions can help us navigate this profoundly intense time, in which we were asked, overnight, to stop our ordinary way of life.

During the next 4 Saturdays, we will explore six areas that can help to improve our well-being. Starting this Saturday at 4 PM LA time, 7 PM NY time, via Instagram Live and YouTube.

Complete Schedule:

  • Sat. 05/16 – Self-Awareness
  • Sat. 05/23 – Food as medicine
  • Sat. 05/30 – Stress Management & Emotional Healing
  • Sat. 06/06 – Exercise & Sleep Patterns


Diego Gesualdi