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Dear Yoginis,

I am very happy to be in touch with you. In this issue we are releasing a new series of meditation audios, called «Petite Meditations». The purpose of this series, is to help you incorporate some short techniques, which can be practiced during the day in different instances. The first English and Spanish audio in this series is called Taking Inventory. It is based on the evolution of our brain and the different layers of our existence, from the survival side, to an emotional side to the intellectual side. Understanding and connecting with the different layers of our existence on a daily basis, could help the healing process we ought to be engaged in our lives.

On the other hand, we are working to launch our entire meditation program «The Five Doors», along with the series of «Emotional Healing» and this new series «Petite Meditations» on Spotify. We will keep you informed as it will be available soon!!!

We’ve also decided to open our Yelp and Google portals page, in an effort to promote our work within our community more deeply. We leave here a link through which you can quickly access, in order to write your recommendation note. It will definitely help us in our purpose to broadcast our work.

Finally in this issue, our dearest Debbie Wacks delights us with her Cultural Corner as usual, with an article about Eleanor Antin and her work “Carving: 45 years later, 2017”.

A big hug and Viva la Vida!!!


Diego Gesualdi