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What a year!!! As I write these lines, I’m thinking about last March and how suddenly everything has changed. Isn’t it a great yoga exercise? Embracing uncertainty, practicing non-identification, surrender to the divine aspects of life, being blissfully free from attachment to the outcome?
On the other hand, as I exercise my memory, I remember hearing beautiful David Simon saying, «The least flexible people I’ve ever met are yogis.» How funny is that? Apart from any disagreement with that sarcastic line, I have to admit that it was very difficult for me to stay balanced during this time, keep my daily meditation and Yogasana in shape, and follow my Ayurveda practices for my own well-being.
On the other hand, can you feel the refreshing aspect of this pandemic? How abruptly do we all have to spend more time together, with ourselves above all, and with the people we live with? How suddenly what was our hectic way of living, became a metaphor for lethargy?
I know that many are suffering, I know how difficult it is to stay afloat, I know that many are alone and isolated, but in the end it became very clear for me, how the universe shook us in a way that will be difficult to forget. What a shocking way to learn these important lessons.
I wish you a beautiful Thanksgiving holiday. I wanted to share my audios about contentment, because I think it’s more important than ever to explore gratitude these days. Remember that as Rumi said… beyond the bad and the good there is a field. I’ll meet you there!!!