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I’m glad to let you know that we’ve released our first meditation album «The Five Doors I» on Spotify. We’re about to launch «The Five Doors II» this November and the «Emotional Healing Series» in December. Please help us spread our work by clicking on the link below to follow us, and please share this link with your family and friends. Let’s hope that together we can make this whole world meditate.

In this news also two new audios in English and Spanish and the cultural corner by Debbie Wacks, to open our heart for the coming celebration season. I’ve always considered Thanksgiving a special day. Since it is intrinsic to the human being to have, the opportunity to celebrate what we have by thanking, sounds glorious to me. So through the practice of meditation, prepare in these celebrations to love more and to be loved.

My best wishes to all, and keep meditating!!!