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Stress Management

Six areas to embrace during quarantine:

Episode III . Stress Management

Good news, stress per se is good! The chemical cycle of tackling acute stress ends up creating new neurons in our hippocampus, the part of our brain in charge of the learning process, memory, and spatial orientation. When we face acute stress, Corticosterone is released, which stimulates our brain. This stimulation generates the protein FGF2, which is a fibroblast of growth that creates new neurons in the hippocampus. The catch about stress is to release it daily.

The concept of personal maintenance is normal for us.  We all know and practice routines, such as brushing our teeth or taking a shower, on a daily basis.

We take these steps to deal with bacteria and personal hygiene. Similarly, it is deeply recommended every day to release the enormous amount of stress we hold, especially during this time of quarantine. Just practicing 16-second breathing patterns, three times a day, for about three minutes at a time, will help you reduce stress.

Please follow the link below to understand and master this exercise.  You will find an audio that will guide you in a simple, yet effective way.

 Petite Meditation . Series Square Breathing